Event Updates

Questions? Email us at lonestarcountrydance@gmail.com or call/text to 512-294-1815.

Registration now open for 2021!

Registration for LoneStar Invitational 2021 is now open.  See the registration pages for details or log into your CountryDanceDirector account.

Dance Order Changes, May 1, 2021

This year we will continue using the new dance order. We will have rhythm dances first, then smooth. This will hopefully allow competitors to take their warm-up energy right into the fast dances, then relax into the slow dances, while minimizing rushed costume changes. Plus you’ll have more opportunity for awards! In divisions with at least three couples, there will be a Smooth and Rhythm Champion in addition to the Overall Grand Champion.

  • Rhythm dance order: Two Step, Cha Cha, Polka, East Coast Swing
  • Smooth dance order: Viennese Waltz, Waltz, Nightclub, Triple Two Step, West Coast Swing

Country Pro Incentive Package, May 1, 2021
Any pros who plan to bring more than one country student should email us at lonestarcountrydance@gmail.com to ask for the LoneStar Pro Incentive Package.  You may be eligible for free weekend passes and extra cash!